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ClientEarth is a leading European environmental law organisation. The organization consists of activists, lawyers, scientists and policy experts. Together they create workable solutions to key environmental challenges. ClientEarth works on issues like climate change, marine protection, forest conservation, stopping the extinction of species, saving energy, government transparency, air pollution, getting toxic chemicals out of food and promoting green investment.


The main goal of ClientEarth is to defend the right of all human beings to live and work in a healthy environment. According to the organization the protection of the environment is still in its infancy and in a fragile state. Like all fundamental human rights a healthy environment must be given expression in legislation and vigorously defended in order to fully develop. 


In order to achieve this, ClientEarth creates legislation to enforce environmental rights and help build civil society. They give citizens the ability to make government, industry and all society accountable and transparent. ClientEarth uses the law as a positive tool for social change. 


A long term goal of ClientEarth is to improve the access to justice. At the moment there are significant barriers to environmental justice in the EU. Through the EU environmental justice program ClientEarth works to remove these systematic barriers. In the UK, for example, the cost barrier in the legal system of England and Wales is very strong because of the so-called ‘English rule’ on costs, which requires the losing party to pay the winning party’s legal costs. In Germany, restrictive rules on access to the Courts similarly limit environmental justice. At EU level, existing decisions of the European Court of Justice almost eliminate the ability of NGOs to get access the European court.


ClientEarth is currently advising Brussels-based NGOs Climate Action Network, WWF's European Policy Office, Friends of the Earth Europe and CEE Bankwatch Network to shape new laws, and is preparing a multi-country legal campaign to step up the enforcement of EU laws already agreed. ClientEarth has offices in London, Brussels and Warsaw.


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Type of initiative Knowledge/advice organization, Action/campaign organization, Information/network organization
Field of work Law
Date of commencement
Legal form Charity
Continent Europe
Country England
City London
One or several keywords that describe your initiative environmental law organisation, access to justice
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Patricia Del Rio


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Name ClientEarth
Address The Hothouse, 274 Richmond Road
Zip/postal code E8 3QW
Place London
Country England
Phone +44 (0)20 7749 5970



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