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Chiemgauer is the name of a regional local currency that started in 2003 in Prien am Chiemsee, Bavaria, Germany. It is named after the Chiemgau, a region around the Chiemsee. The currency was designed in 2003 by students of the Free Waldorf School in Prien am Chiemsee Chiemgau, led by their economy teacher Christian Gelleri. The aim was to stimulate the regional economy and the promotion of associations in the Chiemgau region.


The Chiemgauer is actually a voucher system, with vouchers worth 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 Chiemgauer. In addition, the Chiemgauer also exists in digital form. Participants must be members of the Chiemgauer association. They can then purchase Chiemgauer in euros at a rate of 1: 1.


Once purchased consumers can’t exchange Chiemgauer against euro, participating companies can, but have to pay a charge of 5 percent. Of this fee 60 percent is paid to a charitable association in the region, which is selected by the consumers. The remaining 40 percent is used to cover the expenses that are made for making and distributing the alternative currency. The notes are valid for six months. Then the value can be extended by attaching a seal on the note that can be purchased against 3% of the value of the ticket. After three years the note loses its validity. These measures prevent the Chiemgauer being hoarded.


The notes have 14 safety features, including a bar, a watermark, marks for control with UV light and protection against copying. In 2014, the Chiemgauer was used by over three thousand individuals and nearly 600 companies accepted them as payment. There is now nearly 700,000 Chiemgauer in circulation, and the Chiemgauer is the largest monetary system of the German-speaking world.


Last update: December 2015



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Type of initiative Information/network organization
Field of work Financial services
Date of commencement 2003
Founder(s) Christian Gelleri
Legal form
Continent Europe
Country Germany
City Traunstein
One or several keywords that describe your initiative Local currency
Publications Newsletter
More information

Contact person(s)

Christophe Levannier, Elke Mathe


Contact information

Name Chiemgauer e.V.
Address Gapstr. 6
Zip/postal code 83278
Place Traunstein
State/province Bayern
Country Germany
Phone +49 861 20995380



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