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Centre for Associative Economics


The Centre for Associative Economics (CfAE) was founded in 2000 with the goal of promoting associative economics as a credible school of thought through the publication of books, papers, scholarly articles and a monthly magazine, Associate!


The Centre was set up as a limited company rather than as a non-profit, because the founders see nothing wrong with profits and believe the future belongs to for-profit companies. The question is whether they are made equitably and what use is made of them, whether only as private gain or to further 'public' objectives, or both. After all, not-for-profits depend on the profits made by others!


The Centre provides a virtual venue for individuals to work together to promote associative economics through seminars, publications, etcetera. Its activities should be financed by the people who benefit from them. All involved with the Centre act in a self-employed capacity.


Last update: October 2014.



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Type of initiative Company, Knowledge/advice organization, Information/network organization
Field of work Knowledge and information, Other (specify): Economics
Date of commencement 2000
Founder(s) Christopher Houghton Budd, Arthur Edwards
Legal form Limited company
Continent Europe
Country United Kingdom
City Canterbury
One or several keywords that describe your initiative associative economics, finance, economic science
Publications Email newsletter: AE Bulletin
Monthly magazine: Associate!
A number of books, including:
- A Human Response to Globalisation
- Beyond the Market
- Economics
- Freeing the Circling Stars
- Of Wheat and Gold
- Prelude in Economics
- Rare Albion
- Rudolf Steiner, Economist
- The Metamorphosis of Capitalism
- The Right On Corporation
- Rudolf Steinerís Social Intentions
- The Threefold Social Order
- Finance at the Threshold
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Contact person(s)

Christopher Houghton Budd


Contact information

Name Centre for Associate Economics
Address PO Box 341
Zip/postal code CT4 8GA
Place Canterbury
State/province Kent
Country United Kingcom
Phone +44 1227 738207



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