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Care Cooperative Hoogeloon


In Hoogeloon, a small Dutch village with 2,100 residents, they know how to take care of themselves and look after each other. In 2005 the community formed a special care cooperative.


Care Cooperative Hoogeloon was originally founded to make sure that elderly people could stay in their own village as long as possible. Volunteers started with cooking meals. Eight years later the cooperative provides many other services: they manage home care, day care, run a care office and several care buildings, including two self-built care villas. The ground floor of these villas is inhabited by elderly people and the apartments on the first floor are rented by younger people.


In total, nearly 65 volunteers care for about 60 seniors. According to chairman Ad Pijnenborg the cooperative strengthens commitment in the village: "Solidarity is the power of the cooperative. It’s a perfect example of real democracy, since the members decide what the cooperative does."


Care Cooperative Hoogeloon has 250 members that pay an annual fee of 20 Euros and a small amount of money for services such as food and day care. Professional care is hired by the cooperative directly and paid for by public insurance funds. In this way the people stay in charge themselves and don’t have to go to a nursing home outside their village. The residents are very happy that they can stay within their own community among family and friends and thanks to the efforts of the volunteers the care costs are significantly lower than usual.


According to chairman Ad Pijnenborg, there is considerable dissatisfaction with the present welfare state, which is often experienced as bureaucratic and impersonal. Within a cooperative, citizens decide for themselves how they want to shape their care system.


Care Cooperative Hoogeloon has five board members. Members and board meet twice a year and decisions are made through majority rule. Every member has one vote.


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Type of initiative Other (specify): CoŲperatie
Field of work Healthcare
Date of commencement 2005
Founder(s) Citizens initiative
Legal form Cooperative
Continent Europe
Country Netherlands
City Hoogeloon
One or several keywords that describe your initiative Care cooperative, elderly care
Publications Annual reports, newspaper articles, documentaries
More information

Contact person(s)

Maria Gooskens


Contact information

Name Zorgcooperatie Hoogeloon / Steunpunt "Den Bogerd"
Address Den Bogerd 29
Zip/postal code 5528 AX
Place Hoogeloon
State/province Brabant
Country Netherlands
Phone +31 (0)497-681140



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