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The Dutch BroodFondsMakers (Bread Fund Makers) offer guidance to networks of self-employed people who would like to set up bread funds (“broodfondsen”) in The Netherlands. A bread fund is a disability insurance for self-employed professionals which is set up and run by themselves. It is based on solidarity and trust, instead of supervision and exclusion.


A bread fund works like a circle of donors. If somebody gets sick, he will periodically receive a sum of money from all participants. This sum is meant to support the minimum costs of living, as a basic provision. The participants in a bread fund are responsible for its management.


The role of the BroodFondsMakers is to support groups of self-employed who want to set up a bread fund. Other tasks are creating publicity for the bread fund concept, protecting the interests of the self-employed involved and guarding the concept. As of October 2014, 113 bread funds are active.


Last update: September 2014


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Type of initiative Company
Field of work Services, other
Date of commencement 2010
Founder(s) Andrť Jonkers, Biba Schoenmaker, Haiko Liefmann
Legal form Cooperation u.a.
Continent Europe
Country Netherlands
City Utrecht
One or several keywords that describe your initiative disability insurance, cooperation, mutual, self-employed
Publications At this moment none; information is spread via their website, LinkedIn, Twitter: @broodfonds and Facebook pagina,!/Broodfonds
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Contact person(s)

Andrť Jonkers


Contact information

Name BroodFondsMakers Cooperation
Address Burgemeester Reigerstraat 28
Zip/postal code 3581 KS
Place Utrecht
Country Netherlands
Phone +31 30 252 1056



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