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Bricks and Bread Sustainable Living Centre


Bricks and Bread is a collaborative venture that shares resources to help develop businesses into sustainable, social enterprises, with the aim of making it easier for people to live, work and build sustainably. The company was created by Trudy Thompson to solve the issues she had to overcome when she was building ecological houses and adapting her life to become more sustainable and self sufficient.


In 2009, Trudy Thompson opened the Sustainable Living Centre in Aldershot to provide facilities where local experts like her could share and inspire others with their knowledge. Various activities take place at the centre and everything (apart from the food) is reused waste material. No waste goes to landfill or is even recycled away from the centre – if it can’t be composted on site or reused in the scrap store, they don’t use it. The food in the centre is sourced locally, from small businesses. All income earned by the centre is used to fund new activities which benefit the local community.


The centre also trains entrepreneurs in setting up their sustainable businesses and works intensively with young people aged between 12 – 19 years old. They are involved at every level of the business from board level decision making and solving operating issues to creating fun activities and taking part in them.


Over the last three years the business has grown beyond the premises of the centre into a vibrant virtual hub of people and businesses who share knowledge and resources, mostly via social media like Twitter. Thousands of hub members are experts or enterprises who have been verified and trusted to collaborate with Bricks and Bread activities to provide products and services to their network.


Bricks and Bread operates its business activities as a social enterprise, its free activities are delivered by its charitable foundation and it manages an investment fund for sustainable property development and community renewable energy systems.



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Type of initiative Company, Knowledge/advice organization, Information/network organization
Field of work Trade, Services, other, Knowledge and information, Other (non-profit)
Date of commencement 2009
Founder(s) Trudy Thompson
Legal form Venture
Continent Europe
Country England
City Aldershot
One or several keywords that describe your initiative Business incubator Ė inspiring creative, sustainable & social enterprises, eco building, living a self reliant lifestyle & running sustainable businesses, waste reuse, working with young people in creating a sustainable environment.
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Trudy Thompson


Contact information

Name Bricks and Bread Sustainable Living Centre
Address Albian Works, Church Lane East
Zip/postal code GU11 3BT
Place Aldershot
State/province Hampshire
Country England
Phone 044 1252 314060



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