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Both ENDS supports people and organizations in developing countries that are working on a local level in the field of poverty reduction and environmental management. Local communities often have good ideas how to improve their own living standards and their natural habitats. With only a few minor adjustments, their ideas and plans can often be used in other areas and other developing countries. Spreading these useful ideas is the main object of Both ENDS. The organization is an advocate of sustainable economy.


Both ENDS was founded in 1986 and has since then designed and supervised a large number of projects. With the help of Both Ends farmers in the Sahel desert have been successfully using minimal water to grow crops and refertilise large tracts of arid land. In Niger farmers have already recovered five million hectares into a forested landscape. Both ENDS is actively involved in the further implementation of this project in Mali and Burkina Faso, by connecting farmers, scientists and local authorities and to join their forces.


But Both Ends is also active in other areas, by both helping local communities with sustainable farming methods, by implementing successful action against land grabbing and by being actively involved in setting up small-scale renewable energy projects (hydropower and solar energy).


In order to spread these locally developed ideas around the world, Both ENDS has developed a global network. Within this network, local and international environmental organizations exchange information and support each other to achieve results. By doing so smart ideas get a global platform.


The exchange of knowledge and experience alone is not enough. Major decisions that affect people in developing countries are often taken in western countries. The consequences of these decisions often are not sufficiently considered. Both ENDS finds it important for people in developing countries to get a say in what happens to their own lives and to their surroundings. Therefore Both Ends places these alternative ideas on the agendas of Western decision-makers, whether politicians, businesses or banks. In this way local initiatives can lead to a change in international policy.


Both ENDS is striving for a green, equitable world in which human rights are respected and nature and resources are handled in such a way that they will continue to exist in the long term and remain accessible to everyone.


On the website of Both ENDS you can find many examples of projects that the organization has developed and supported over the years.


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Type of initiative Knowledge/advice organization, Information/network organization
Field of work Other (non-profit), Other (specify): poverty reduction and environmental management
Date of commencement 1986
Founder(s) several environmental organizations
Legal form Non-profit foundation
Continent Europe
Country The Netherlands
City Amsterdam
One or several keywords that describe your initiative poverty reduction, environmental management
Publications Videos, reports, news items, newsletter, project descriptions
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Desirťe Vonk


Contact information

Name Both ENDS
Address Nieuwe Keizersgracht 45
Zip/postal code 1018 VC
Place Amsterdam
State/province NH
Country The Netherlands
Phone +31-20-530 6600



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