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The city of Baltimore in the United States has an alternative currency called the BNote. Instead of using dollars, people can do their shopping with BNotes. The currency was launched in the spring of 2011 and approximately 220 independent businesses in Baltimore are accepting BNotes at the moment. There are now nearly 50,000 BNotes in circulation.


The main goal of the new currency is to help create an alternative economy that will strengthen local businesses, create jobs, encourage the formation of local supply chains, and ultimately provide economic opportunity and increased resilience to communities underserved by traditional economic structures.


Consumers can exchange dollars for BNotes at twelve different places in the city of Baltimore. For every 10 dollars you redeem, you receive 11 BNotes. This means that if you change your dollars for BNotes you get a 10% discount and so shopping gets cheaper. BNotes are attractive for both customers and local businesses. BNotes generate a bigger sales volume for those who participate and it creates a big local network that in term generates free publicity and marketing.


Every BNote is backed by dollars that have been exchanged into the system. These dollars are being held by the fiscal sponsor, Fusion Partnerships, at a small, local bank and are available for exchange at any time. BNotes can be exchanged for dollars at the reverse rate, but users are encouraged to keep them circulating to benefit small merchants and the local economy.


Initiator Jeff Dicken: "A local currency provides a way for residents to support their own community and their own local merchants. And it makes them think twice about where they spend their money, whether they want to support their neighbours, the local merchants, or whether they want to support national chains that may be taking the money and booking it as profit in another state. BNotes allow people to make transactions without relying solely on dollars, and in doing so, they help a community’s money stay in the community. It's an alternative to our debt-based dollar system - one that benefits our communities and people first, instead of banks and national corporate retailers.”


The promoters of BNote hope that in time the new currency will work to increase business, create jobs, support local non-profits, and provide for no-interest micro-loans to small businesses.




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Type of initiative Other (specify): currency
Field of work Trade, Financial services
Date of commencement 2011
Founder(s) Fusion Partnerships, Inc.
Legal form Association
Continent North America
Country USA
City Baltimore
One or several keywords that describe your initiative local currency, local economy, new currency, alternative currency, community currency, complementary currency
Publications newsletter, blogs
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Contact person(s)

Katie Igrec Lima


Contact information

Name Baltimore Green Currency Association c/o Fusion Partnerships
Address 1601 Guilford Ave., 2 South
Zip/postal code MD 21202
Place Baltimore
State/province Maryland
Country usa
Phone +1 410 889 4700



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