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The Business Alliance for Local Living Economies, BALLE is situated in North America. Fostering the emergence of a new economic system is at the core of their work. They work on gradually displacing failing structures and introducing systems with economic structures that benefit everyone. 


At a deeper level, the BALLE community tries to change the way people think about the purpose of business and the economy. They focus on changing mindsets from “every-man-for-himself” to an understanding that real security comes from community – from sharing not hoarding, from partnership, not domination .


BALLE works with a growing network of 30,000 local entrepreneurs spanning 80 communities. BALLE promotes the use of regional resources to meet the needs of the community – reconnecting eaters with farmers, investors with entrepreneurs, and business owners with the communities and natural places on which they depend.


According to BALLE, changing a local economic system starts by changing its most basic industries: agriculture, energy, manufacturing, retail, building and transportation and capital. When these sectors are transformed into localized, sustainable, green- and community-focused industries, the entire economy is transformed.


BALLE recognizes that while their focus is primarily on the local communities, the vision should be also global. Each of us is crafting a piece of a larger mosaic – a global network of cooperatively interlinked local economies. BALLE is connecting local leaders and entrepreneurs, spreading solutions, (ideas and protocols) and drives local investments.



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Type of initiative Knowledge/advice organization, Action/campaign organization, Information/network organization
Field of work Agriculture, Manufacturing, Trade, Financial services, Services, other, Politics, Law, Knowledge and information
Date of commencement 2001
Founder(s) Judy Wicks and Laury Hammel
Legal form BALLE is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization
Continent North America
Country USA
City Bellingham
One or several keywords that describe your initiative Localist, local economy, cooperation
Publications webinars, manuals, events, videos,calculators, newsletters
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Contact person(s)

Jessica Renner


Contact information

Address 305 Flora Street, Suite E
Zip/postal code WA 98225
Place Bellingham
State/province Washington
Country USA
Phone 1 360 746 0840



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