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Asociacion de Bananeros Organicos Solidarios


Within the Asociacion de Bananeros Organicos Solidarios (BOS), almost 400 small banana farmers with 326 hectares of land work together to produce and sell organic bananas under fair trade conditions.


To become a member, farmers need to be the legal owner of at least 0.25 acres of farm land.


Through the fair trade system, the farmers make additional income which is used for various social purposes. Through the association, all farmers receive medical insurance, a mortuary fund for the family of deceased farmers, and access to credit. The association’s school fund helps to pay for educational costs of children. The association also helps to improve the yield and quality of bananas through advice, training and the collective buying of organic fertilizers.


The Directive Council of BOS is elected by the farmers, who make up the General Assembly. They also elect a Control Council which checks the Directive Council. Six people are involved in the day-to-day management of activities.


Meanwhile, the BOS farmers have received the necessary licenses to export bananas to the United States, the European Union and Japan.



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Type of initiative Company, Other (specify): Association of farmers
Field of work Agriculture
Date of commencement 2003
Legal form Association
Continent South America
Country Peru
City Tacna
One or several keywords that describe your initiative co-operative, association, fair trade, organic agriculture
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Contact person(s)

Jim Wilson Ruiz GarcŪa (general manager)


Contact information

Name Asociacion de Bananeros Organicos Solidarios (BOS)
Zip/postal code 730
Place Tacna
State/province Sullana
Country Peru
Phone +51 76 671441



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