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Alternative Trade Mandate Alliance


The Alternative Trade Mandate Alliance is an alliance of more than 50 European civil society organizations. The Alliance has developed an alternative vision of European trade policy that puts people and planet before big business.


The Alliance believes that Europe’s trade policy has to be fundamentally changed in order to respect human rights. Trade policy should be democratically controlled by parliamentarians and the public. It also has to be ecologically just, respect gender equality and create justice between countries, social classes and ethnicities. The Alliance proposes a trade policy that increases economic, social and environmental well-being globally.


The Alternative Trade Mandate Alliance is not opposed to trade in itself, but trade can take many different forms. A world with fairer trade rules has the potential to transform the lives of millions. Applying fairer rules to trade could help rebalance economies and societies, putting the interests of people and the planet first.


In a 20-page mandate, the Alternative Trade Alliance proposes that core principles such as human and labour rights and environmental protection should drive EU trade policy. On several areas, such as food, work, money and raw materials, detailed proposals for change are outlined. One proposal is for the EU to become more self-sufficient in protein and oil crops as alternatives to imports of (genetically-modified) soybeans, palm oil and agro fuels, which are devastating for the environment and small farmers in the global south. The mandate also calls on the EU to hold European corporations accountable for human rights violations, environmental destruction, tax avoidance and tax evasion elsewhere. The mandate also calls for a greater say in the development of trade and investment agreements, and less influence of large corporations. A full version of the Alternative Trade Mandate can be downloaded here.


The Alternative Trade Alliance is run by a coordination group of 5 representatives from different European countries. Representatives of the member organizations and networks meet at least once a year and take the main strategic decisions in an alliance meeting. The Alliance is funded by member and donor contributions.


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Type of initiative Action/campaign organization
Field of work Trade
Date of commencement 2008
Founder(s) 50 European Civil Society organizations
Legal form Alliance
Continent Europe
Country Belgium
City Brussels
One or several keywords that describe your initiative Alternative Trade Mandate, democracy, human rights, EU trade policy, agriculture, environment
Publications Alternative Trade Mandate, press releases, movies, database with names of European politicians
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Contact person(s)

Pia Eberhardt


Contact information

Name Alternative Trade Mandate Alliance (Corporate Europe Observy)
Address Rue d' Edimbourg 26
Zip/postal code 1050
Place Brussels
Country Belgium
Phone +32 ( 0 ) 2 893 0930



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