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Institute for Social Renewal – An American think tank working for a free, equal and solidary society


Mehr Demokratie (More Democracy) – A German organization that runs successful campaigns for the introduction of  binding referendums


RSF Social Finance – An American non-profit organization that provides credit to idealistic companies and other initiatives


Unternimm die Zukunft (To entrepreneur the Future) – German campaign for the introduction of the basic income, initiated by the German self-made entrepreneur Götz Werner


Stiftung Edith Maryon (The Edith Maryon Foundation) – A Swiss foundation that takes real estate out of market mechanism and makes it available for social purposes


WIR Bank – A major alternative bank in Switzerland with its own currency, the WIR


Mondragon – A large international federation of cooperatives, originally from Spain


Center for Associative Economics – British research agency for associative economics


Go Coop – American informational website about cooperatives


GLS Bank – A German bank that finances idealistic companies and projects


JAK Bank – An interest-free bank in Sweden


Institut für Soziale Dreigliederung (IInstitute for Social Threefolding) – German institute for a free, equal and solidary society


Triodos Bank – A Dutch bank that carries out its services based on ethical, sustainable and innovative criteria

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