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The goal of our economy is to ensure that we all have enough food, enough clothes, a roof over our heads, etcetera. We all have a vested interest in an economy that does what it is supposed to do. To make this happen we all need to share and cooperate. 


New ways to speed up a production process, new technologies that use raw materials more efficiently, new insights that help to increase the quality of a product; all this information should be shared immediately. 


If we (producers, traders, shop owners, retailers, consumers) all cooperate and bring our experiences, needs, interests and insights together, we are able to visualize what is going on in an economic value chain and weigh all these needs and interests against each other.


The round table


Such a discussion or cooperation could be called an ‘association’: a 'round table meeting' in which an open discussion takes place on the needs of consumers and the possibilities of the economy to meet those needs. In this open discussion, the participants discuss the quantity, the quality, how to produce and when to deliver the goods that the consumers need. All these factors also influence the price of a good, because also  – or actually particularly! – the price of a product is a topic in the association’s discussions.


In a healthy economy, the associations (the consultative bodies to be formed) would play a big role. As in the above example, the consultations could center around the production, trade and consumption of a particular product – but to have a healthy economy, much more consultation is needed: consultations about the capital needed for a desired production process, consultations about a shortage or surplus of labour in specific economic sectors or geographical areas, consultations with sectors that are outside the economy but that need the economy’s output in some way.


We have to implement these associations or round tables discussions to make sure that transparent consultations are firmly embedded in the economy; they are a precondition for achieving a healthy economy.


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