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What is happening to…?

"Free, equal and together" - the motto of the Summer Foundation - who can be against that? In our ever-growing Initiatives Database we try to show the number of people around the world that is already working towards tipping the balance towards the positive side.


But look at the serious problems we are facing with the environment, the unequal distribution of wealth and all the problems associated with it, the ideological oppression in different regions of the world and the political, military and economic tensions… They tell us that there is still a lot to be done before we can say that humanity is "free, equal and together."


From the perspective of the three ideals of the French Revolution and the notion that each of these ideals should be leading in its own area, it is relatively easy to see what is happening in each of these three areas:

  • In most parts of the world the free development of the individual human being is not a reality; people live in a social context in which individual free development is hindered or obstructed by political, religious or economic ideology and in these parts of the world it is not tolerated to deviate from the ruling ideology;
  • In most countries, democratically governed or not, equality mainly only exists in theory, not in reality; the people hardly really participate in creating rules and laws;
  • With 'together' we, the Summer Foundation, mean that all people involved in the economy should cooperate together and each individual has a right to a fair share of all the fruits produced by earth and mankind. The glaring inequality in the global distribution of wealth shows us the state of things as they are now.


Between understanding what is right and really doing it, we find the reality of life. It is within this reality that we have to take steps in the right direction.


When people can develop themselves in freedom, they will develop the talents and skills to co-create a better world.

When people can equally participate in decisions that affect them, they will form arrangements, rules and laws that bring justice closer.

When people do not only collaborate in the economy the way we are doing right now, but when they can also share the fruits of that cooperation together, it will appear that there is a decent livelihood for every human being on this earth.


That is the direction that the words ‘free, equal and together' guide us. And fortunately it is the direction in which many people are already moving.


John Hogervorst

December 2014

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