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We are the state!

A unique case: a Dutch court ordered the Dutch state, to take more action to reduce its carbon emissions and to ensure that the Dutch emissions will at least be 25% lower in 2020 than in 1990. The court's ruling was based on two arguments:

  1. climate change threatens humanity, and is a matter that is being influenced by human activities
  2. states have an obligation to protect their citizens, and the Dutch state does not do that adequately in this case.

And thus the court has imposed the Dutch State to raise its target in this area and to take the appropriate measures (which is feasible, as countries as Denmark and Germany haven proven).

The text of the court's decision can be found here: Court's ruling.


Although it is to be feared that the Dutch state will appeal the court's decision; the ruling of this court sends an important signal: in a country that considers itself 'modern' in the 21st century, the welfare of the individual - and not the interests of the state, should be leading. People are not there for the state, but states are there to serve the people.

They can do so by setting strict limits to the economy (i.e. the area where economic activity takes place at the expense of the wellbeing of mankind) and, secondly, by creating a 'free zone' for matters like education, art, science, religion and so on.

A tribute to the Urgenda Foundation, the organization that, together with 900 co-plaintiffs, started the lawsuit against the Dutch state! Urgenda website.

John Hogervorst
July 2015

Image: Chantal Bekker/Urgenda

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