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The terrorist attacks in Brussels, Ankara and West Africa are still fresh in our memories. Innocent people killed or wounded. For many people: deep wounds that might never heal. In many people’s lives fear makes its entrance. People are driven apart. Individual people suddenly belong to a group. Their unique individuality is no longer seen, but disappears against the background of the group others consider them to belong.


Is there still something that unites us, instead of driving us apart?
Religion, prosperity, political ideas, certain values or a shared vision of the future; all often seem to divide, rather than unite.


The sheer sense of being human. To experience yourself as a human being and to discover that the other is also a human being; is there perhaps the ‘bridge’ from one person to the other? The bridge leading from humanity today to the future?


In every human being lives the need to self-realization, to live his life at its full potential.

Every human being needs a certain level of prosperity, to live a dignified life.

And in every human being lives the need to participate in shaping the laws and regulations, rights and obligations applicable to him and others.


I and the other: in freedom we can live up to our full potential.

I and the other: in brotherhood we can work together to create and distribute prosperity.

I and the other: in equality we can formulate the laws and regulations, rights and duties that suit us.


The desire for liberty, equality and fraternity lives - consciously or unconsciously - in every human being. That's what we have in common and that’s our bridge to the future.


John Hogervorst

March 2016

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