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True prices, good for you

In my previous blog "Towards the right price in five steps" I showed how to make it possible to calculate true prices in five steps. Surprisingly, maybe, it seemed not too complicated to take these steps. Certainly not in our time. Thanks to modern technology it is possible to gather and process data at high speed and to quickly connect with people from all over the world.


True pricing can become real if everyone involved in an economic chain transcends their individual position to connect with all the others in the chain. Their own perspective gives way to a joint perspective.


The practical side of things is not a barrier.


Then why do most available products still not have a true price?

We can be clear about that: because there are not enough people who really want that.


Many people are not familiar with the idea of true pricing. They just never thought about whether prices of the products they buy are too low or too high in this respect. Other people have a personal interest in the use of ‘false’ prices and prefer to leave things as they are.


Let's take a few steps backwards and look at economy as a whole.

What is the purpose of the economy?

The purpose of the economy is twofold:

1 - the economy is there to meet the needs of man (that is, the needs of all people)

2 - and thus to enable man to develop his capacities and to exercise them fully (ie, that which lives in every person as a potential to realize).

What does it mean in this context that things have their true price?

That the economy does what it is intended to do.


When the products that the economy produces have true prices, the economy is in the real sense of the word a healthy economy!


Whoever wishes man, and thus himself, a life in which he is enabled to develop himself fully, is a man who will want to contribute to things having true prices.


John Hogervorst

December 2013

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