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Towards the right price in five steps

In my last blog “Fair prices and common sense”  I promised to look more accurately at what is needed to make sure that products have a fair price. And actually, it is not even that difficult to come up with a solution, see for yourself:


Step 1: bring everyone involved in product X together (virtually or in real life)

That is: everyone taking part in the production process and all people who ensure that the product is available in the store, plus the consumer who consumes this product.


Step 2: gain insight into the actual production process

Who contributes what to the economic process in which product X is made and ultimately made available to consumers?


Step 3: gain insight into the pricing of the product

What do all those who contribute to this economic process in return need to be able to deliver their share to the product?


Step 4: organize consultations in which all stakeholders, including consumers, based on the previous steps, reach agreements in which they determine the price of product X.


Step 5: The right price is a fact !


These are really all the steps required.

But to take these steps, other things are needed. More about that next time !


John Hogervorst

November 2013

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