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News that matters!

News is volatile and is too often determined by the delusions of the day. We want to know what’s going on, but the majority of the daily news we read or hear is forgotten very quickly. We just continue with our daily routine.


But news gets an entirely different meaning if it relates to our personal lives. If you hear that your partner or child suddenly became seriously ill and may even die within a few days, then that is a "news" of great importance and consequence. It is likely that we will move heaven and earth to find a good medicine or a doctor who can save our loved ones. The difference in involvement seems to be of a personal nature.


Many of the things that take place in the so called ‘outside world’ seem to have almost no influence on our personal live. It is unfortunate and sad if there is war or famine in a far away country, but we are not personally affected by it. But appearances are not what they seem and often can be deceptive. We do not live in a closed community, but in a world where everything is interconnected. If there is an economic crises in Europe this also affects the lives of people in South Africa for example. They earn less money due to a decline of tourism or export.


If we think about this a bit deeper, we come to realize that the actions we perform have a big influence on our environment. If we deposit money in a bank for example, that bank can invest our money in a project that can be harmful to the environment and society. Because most banks do not ask us what we want them to do with the money we give them. Maybe it is not what we wish for, but in reality the bank can invest our money in the production of armory.  And if the same bank decides to invest in a coal plant, we are the ones who ultimately inhale the smog or CO2. We do not want this, but it happens anyway.


Or another example: if the World Bank decides that it's okay to finance projects involving large multinationals in Africa buying thousands of hectares of farmland in order to sell the food to foreign countries, while the local populations is exiled and living in poverty, this again, is not what we want.


It seems there is nothing we can do, but this is not the case. Fortunately, there are many people who monitor pretty well what is happening in the world, who look beyond the superficial news that loses its value within a few minutes. They see that there are causes underlying the difference between rich and poor, war or peace, a clean or dirty environment. They know that it is not the natural laws that determine whether people are rich or poor. They know that it is our common actions that make the world into the place it is today.


We understand that as an individual it is not possible to the change the world in one day, and that is not what we ask. But we do have a suggestion: We, the Summer Foundaton, will continue to feed you with news and alternatives that matter and we hope that our common actions will eventually make this world a better place for all of us. Free, equal and solidary.


Michel Bijpost

March 2013

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