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My neighbour and me

My neighbour eats meat that costs only a few euros per kilo. Apparently he is not very interested in the quality of his food, or in the life of the animal that ends up on his plate. He dresses in baggy trousers that look like they are produced by people who have to work hard and long hours for little pay.


And then, on top of it all, he drives around in a flashy gas-gulping SUV.

This neighbour stands between me and a better world.


On several occasions when I talked about today’s problems and about the necessity and the possibilities to make this world a better place, I often heard people say:

“I would like to eat organic food or become a vegetarian, wear fair-trade clothing and ride my bike instead of my car - but what’s the use of it all if my neighbour, like most other people, just carries on with his habits that threaten to make our planet a place where human existence is endangered?”


We all lose hope at times and we all tend to be a bit lazy every now and then. But what good reason could there be to wait for my neighbour to give the right example?


I can’t think of any good reason.

Every step I take, is a step in the right direction.

Every human being I do justice, is one.

Every sensible thought I’m thinking, can grow into my life motto.


I have waited for a long time for my neighbour’s  (or anyone else’s) good example. Until one day I woke up and thought: what if my neighbour is waiting for mine?


John Hogervorst

John  |  2013 08 24  |  Permalink  |  Share


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