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Everything revolves around us!


You’re sitting outside in a chair, looking at the clouds slowly drifting by. You imagine that you are an astronaut travelling to the moon. Now you are standing on the moon and in the distance you see a blue planet with an atmosphere, oceans and continents. The planet you are watching has evolved 4.6 billion years in order to reach its present state.  A lot has happened since then. The conditions for life were created, tectonic plates shifted entire continents, dinosaurs are extinguished and recently, as a tiny link in the development of the earth, men came into being.


Looking from the moon you realize that you are intimately connected with the earth. She provides you with food, oxygen and water and your body is literally built from the elements of the earth. Without earth no mankind!


The fact that we can look at the earth from out of space, has caused a revolution in science. Yet it is not so long ago that we thought that the earth was the center of the universe. We believed that the sun revolved around the earth and those who claimed otherwise ended up in a dungeon or on the stake.


We now know that the earth is part of an infinite universe, but it is questionable whether this knowledge has changed  our worldview. Do we truly realize that humans did not create the earth? Or do we still have the illusion, like in the Dark Ages, that we are the center of the universe. Is everything still revolving around us? Are we the gods who control the buttons? Are we so powerful that we can shift entire continents or regulate the temperature on this planet by changing the thermostat, like we do at home?


I do not think so.


If you look at the earth from a distance, you realize that humanity can only live and survive in symbiosis with the earth. This means that we have to know where the biological balance is; what are the conditions that make human life possible and what can we do in order to preserve life instead of destroying it? This is a less complicated than we think, because we already know what we need: clean air, clean water and healthy food.


It’s time we build a sustainable and solidary society.



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