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Economic predictions

Today’s news: whether an event, a photo, a catchy quote... It is old news before you really had time to think about it and before you know it, the next news item is already making headlines again.


If at times you want to think certain news through, you can be sure that you can’t keep up with the facts.


My personal position herein is hopeless: I keep clinging to a less than 10-minute conversation that Dutch leading television presenter Matthijs van Nieuwkerk had with some economists a few weeks ago.


"Why didn’t economists see the crisis coming?", that was the topic of the conversation. The economists gave various statements which showed that it is hard for them to make predictions. Economy as a science seems related to meteorology; weathermen and economists are both faced with the problem that reality is often unconventional and behaves differently than predicted.


I don’t blame them, especially not the economists. The economy is simply determined by the behaviour of all people on earth. If you consider, let's face it, how difficult it can be to predict our own behaviour correctly, it is clear that we shouldn’t take the expectations of economists too seriously. Because also in the economy anything can happen.


But now this: a healthy economy produces what people need, a healthy economy provides for all peopleon earth, a healthy economy is sustainable, does not waste resources and takes responsibility for the earth. A healthy economy is the basis for a dignified existence of all people.


We don’t need to be economists to understand, as broadly as indicated here, what a healthy economy is about and what its role should be.


It would be best if economists vigorously start to work out the steps that are needed to realize a healthy economy. We don’t need complicated mathematical models but we need to build new forms of cooperation that can accommodate what is referred to here as a healthy economy.


Then, I dare to predict, that the economic reality will be better than ever before.


John Hogervorst

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Nolan  |  2014 03 15

Everything should be simple, bring back bartering.


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