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Democracy and independence

In the distant past, people lived in communities in which man as an individual was subordinate to the interests of the community to which he/she belonged. Everyday life, the organization of society, the decisive influence of religion on all aspects of life - was all determined without input from the ‘ordinary` individual. For us, living in the 21st century, it is difficult to grasp that man in the past could live subordinate to the rights of the community; as an anonymous part of society.


That this was the normal situation in those days - and that man accepted it as self-evident, can only be explained if we understand that people in those days were far less an ‘individual` human being as we are now.


The rise of individuality is reflected in our efforts to have a say, to form our own judgments and to make our own decisions about all that concerns us. Today, people are independent; we want to decide about our own way of living, make our own choices and we do not want to depend on what others decide over our heads.


Therefore nowadays democracy is the appropriate form of government. It is a form of governance in which the independency of modern man can be expressed.


That independency is, by the way, a modern phenomenon in history. Even in the most democratic states for example, women only gained the right to vote about a century ago. Hopefully we can conclude from that that democracy is still in its infancy and can and should be further developed.


Or do you believe that democracy as you know it does justice to your independence?


John Hogervorst

May 2014

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