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All the credit in the world


He who gives someone else a sum of money so that that person can realize his plans, gives that person two things: a sum of money and a dose of confidence.
This is what happens when someone loans an entrepreneur capital.

The entrepreneur will not only get access to a sum of money to exercise his entrepreneurship - but he/she also receives the trust of the lender, who, after all, in fact, says: "I have faith in your plan and in your ability to carry out that plan".

The capabilities of the entrepreneur are just as important as the capital (credit) at his disposal. An entrepreneur without the entrepreneurial skills will, even if he has sufficient credit (capital), not build a viable business.

The entrepreneur who has the capacities and a good plan to set up a viable enterprise, should in all cases be provided with credit. At least, in an economy that is fully focused on fulfilling the needs of the consumer.


Because in such an economy:

  • is only produced what is needed;
  • production is never harmful to man nor to the environment (because there is no consumer who wishes damage to himself or to the environment);
  • producation happens at a fair, true, price that reflects the interdependence of each member of the economic chain into the price (according to the interests of every consumer e.g. every man).


In such an economy, it is more than unfortunate when there are capable entrepreneurs who cannot obtain the necessary credit. Because then opportunities and abilities remain unused and needs unfulfilled. That is a form of waste!


Credit for these entrepreneurs must simply be available. And we know there is more than enough capital in the world, so that cannot be the problem. If we would additionally agree on not using capital to acquire ownership of land or means of production, it will be a pressing matter to look for capable entrepreneurs who want to work in this kind of economy.

All credit for unused potential and capacities to fulfill the needs of the consumer!


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John Hogervorst

June 2015


Image: McCook Economic Development

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