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2. Room for the other

But is modern man then so individually focused that we cannot do anything together anymore? Sometimes it seems that way. When we all consider ourselves the center of the world; sharing, living or working together is tough.


Yet there are also recognizable examples that show that we humans can indeed live and work together and share. The most obvious example is found in the relationship of a mother with her child, or the relationships within a family. For a mother it is quite natural to put the welfare of her child first. She loves her child as she loves herself, maybe even more! When it comes down to it she shares everything she has with her ​​child and in some situations she will be able to make choices that might harm herself but are in favour of her child.


Is this image of the love of a mother for her child a fairy tale? No it is not!

Of course, unfortunately there are many people who did not experience this kind of maternal love in their childhood. But there will be more people who did experience it. And in the end, if there would only be one mother in the whole world practising this kind of love, it is proven that even modern, individualistic, opinionated man has the power within himself to live and act selflessly and therefore to live, work and share with others.


So we could say that ‘the only thing’ we have to do now is to let this quality grow - to strengthen our ability not to focus on our own well-being constantly, and to connect our own well-being with that of others.


Do we really want to live, work and share         with others? Then we will have to live more and more in a way that we do not follow our modern ‘reflex’ and put ourselves first all the time.


Yeah, nice words, you might think. We will fly away on a cloud of vagueness if we go on like this! I agree, pretty words alone are not going to make things better.


Therefore, in my next blog we will look in which direction to think if we have now come to a preliminary conclusion that living, working and sharing with others is only possible if we do not put ourselves at the centre, but leave room for others too.


John Hogervorst

July 2014

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