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1. Together is not self-evident

We humans can do a lot together, more than we can do on our own. Yet everything we try to do together is not easy. No one can say that living or working together or sharing is easy.

Living together leads too often to conflict or division.

Working together can result in a fight or paralysis.

And sharing is usually very difficult too...


Why is everything we do together so difficult?

It is obvious that the difficulty lies in the "co-operating parts’: in the people who try to live together, work together, share. We want to share and live and work together, but in many cases we fail to do so. So the problem must be you, because you can understand that I myself cannot be the problem.


Remember, you are stubborn!

You want to make your own choices, act according to your own standards and values​​, choose your own beliefs, form your own future, determine your own pursuits, choose your own preferences, your own goals, live your own life.


You are a modern, individualistic person. And that makes it very difficult for me to live, to work, to share with you. Because I ... I'm a modern, individualistic person.


It's that simple: everything that people nowadays do together is difficult because today man has a strong individualistic streak. In the past, man was less individualistic and lived more naturally in groups. Social instincts played a major role. But where the individual steps forward, social structures  and instincts slide into the background.


Nowadays everything we do together has to be shaped consciously. In addition, we have to formulate a common goal and find a common path, while on the other hand you and I - as modern individualistic, opinionated people - have to be able and willing to take part.


Because without us, without you and me, there is no 'together'.


John Hogervorst

July 2014

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