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What will happen to ...?

"Yes, nice: liberty, equality and fraternity. A world where people are free, equal, and both living and working together - I'm all for it! But how can we bring that world closer?"


That is a fair question. Shall we therefore start the new year with three tips, three new year’s resolutions that - when we stick to them – can perhaps cause a 'butterfly effect' in human society?


Tip 1:

The free development of man is the source of innovation and development in all areas of human co-existence. So make sure that you develop yourself in freedom:

- find your own sources and inspirators;

- form your own thoughts, ideas and ideals;

- do not inadvertently let yourself be affected by all that is obvious, common or predominant.


Tip 2:

In many situations in which we have to deal with other people, the way we treat each other is determined by habit, assumptions, procedures, etcetera. Try to find out what happens, if you find yourself in one of those situations, when you treat the person you are dealing with the same way that you would like to be treated.

Equality is the foundation of justice, it cannot be imposed from above but grows 'from below'.


Tip 3:

When the products we buy would have the right, true, price, there would soon come an end to poverty and material inequality in this world.

Our tip for 2015: once a week, buy one article that you know has a true price.


Three simple tips. Would it really contribute to a better world when we take them to heart?


My prediction for 2015: Anyone who sincerely and with perseverance will take one or more of these tips as new year’s resolutions, will find out that these small steps take a lot of effort and are certainly not easy to take.


But that can only mean one thing: these steps are very important!

For 2015 we wish you: a lot of steps in the right direction!


John Hogervorst

December 2014

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