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Staff and Boardmembers


John Hogervorst, management


John is as thoughtful as he is opinionated. He knows almost everyone in the Netherlands (and sometimes beyond) who work on the ideas of freedom, equality and solidarity. For several decades now, he has been running his own publishing house which is part of an associative partnership of different companies. He has extensive managerial experience which he now brings to the Summer Foundation. He loves Jonathan Richman’s music and running. John has been part of the Board of the Summer Foundation since the start. Contact:



Elske Bijpost, social media manager


Elske, 41, who likes organizing and arranging things, worked for over 16 years as a secretary both within The Netherlands and abroad. In 2012 she started her own company, VirtuElske, and in 2013 she began working for the Summer Foundation as social media manager. Since 2014 she also regularly writes articles and in 2016 she joined the Summer Foundation as a Boardmember.


Elske is convinced that through the use of social media the Summer Foundation has access to a continually growing group of “friends”, “fans” and “followers”. Elske tries to connect people with the ideas of the Summer Foundation in a professional, but at the same time personal manner via all the online networks.


Elske likes to colour (especially mandalas), watch movies, read, walk and explore the city of Lisbon where she recently moved to.



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