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About us


The Summer Foundation strives for a society in which each individual:


  • can develop himself freely;
  • has an equal opportunity to think, speak and decide about the agreements, rules and laws that apply to him and others;
  • receives his fair share of what mankind and the earth produce and in solidarity contributes his share as well.


The Summer Foundation, founded on 24 June 2011, believes that for everyone of us - as well as for society as a whole - it is vital to fully develop the qualities and capacities that live inside us. To achieve this, freedom is indispensable.


We all want to have a say in important matters. This means that we should be able to participate actively and equally in creating the agreements, laws and rules that apply to the larger and smaller communities we form part of.


We all have a right to a fair share of all the fruits produced by earth and mankind. At the same time we should all make a personal contribution to the economy, provided we are able to do so.




There is a strong need for practical insights in, for example, the monetary system, ownership of companies, organizing and financing education, the future of social security. On our website you'll find an expanding collection of articles with specific ideas and visions on how people can live together in the 21st century.


In addition, the Summer Foundation has an ever-growing database containing examples of companies, banks and other initiatives from around the world that are working towards a better future. They prove that there are new solutions and they offer inspiration and know-how.


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The people


The staff of the Summer Foundation consists of John Hogervorst (management) and Elske Bijpost (social media).


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New visions on how we can live together in the 21st century are more than necessary. Click here for an expanding collection of articles.



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The Summer Foundation strives for a free, equal and solidary society. More about this…